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out of the blue.

out of the blue:

naked confessions on gender transition

Johnnie Joy Blue's Out of the Blue documents his transition with incisive honesty, passion, and humanity, while Max Shaw's beautiful, unadorned photographs witness the author's physical transition. Taken together, Out of the Blue reveals the beauty, strength, and courage required to become one's true and authentic self.

This two-year photobiography includes real-time written entries of the psychological and emotional changes that transformed him from within, along with leading medical research that connects the dots between evidence-based therapies and the transgender experience. This first-of-its-kind approach sheds a compassionate light on the transgender struggle, as well as highlights clear paths to this community's healing.

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what people are saying:

Judy Bowen

Trans Activist

As a 79-year old trans woman, I see Out of the Blue as a vision of the success of generations to come. We need to be proud of the challenges we endure to become our true selves. Johnnie Joy Blue's book embodies the authentic beauty of transition in a way that will benefit people across the entire gender spectrum.



Johnnie Joy Blue is an author, mentor, filmmaker and motivational speaker.

Born and raised by conservative evangelical Christians, Johnnie began his life and career in global evangelical ministry. Upon becoming aware of his queerness and his faith's discrimination of his nature, Johnnie began the long struggle of reclaiming his identity, moral compass, self-worth, and mental health. After years of addiction, confusion, and compounding mental health illnesses, he came out as transgender, and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with Autism and CPTSD. He persevered through intensive therapy, somatic bodywork, and vulnerable community engagement to restore balance and health to his life. 

His tenacity to turn his experiences into aid for others led to the establishment of his personal practice, a unique format which helps transgender, queer, and neurodiverse humans begin their own healing journeys through contemplative somatic experiencing, collaborative self-discovery, and self-loving lifestyle changes.

7x Emmy Award-winning video editor and creative, Johnnie makes his directorial debut with "Out of the Blue: Naked in Front of Others" in tandem with "Out of the Blue: Naked Confessions on Gender Transition."

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"Out of the Blue" featured in Matthew's Place Book Club

Matthew's Place, a platform of stories by and for LGBTQ+ youth, and a division of the beloved Matthew Shepard Foundation, features "Out of the Blue" in their book club and reviews. 

"Out of the Blue is like nothing that has come before it. Together, Johnnie and Max depict the process of gender transition in a brutally honest and beautifully authentic way. We hope that anyone who may be struggling with their identity or their gender takes their time to explore Out of the Blue and the wonderful lessons it has to share."



Johnnie is available for book signings, speaking engagements, and panel discussions

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